It is a utility to print out hardcopies by a simple keystroke or mouseclick
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QPrint is a utility to print out hardcopies by a simple keystroke or mouseclick.
In addition, it provides an easy and fast way to view the installed printers and to select and to modify the computers default printer.

How to use QPrint:

QPrint will automatically be launched with every system start, as the setup procedure creates a shortcut to the Autostart folder.

The presence of QPrint is indicated by a printer icon in the system tray.

A right mouseclick on the printer icon creates a menu that let the user make changes to all settings of QPrint and also modify the systems default printer.

The available settings are:
- Hotkeys (set key combination that initiates printout)
- Printer (set systems default printer, that will be used for printout)
- Left border (width of the left border, to keep area free for punching holes)
- Orientation (set landscape or portrait)

The print operation can be initiated by:
- Hotkey combination
- Right mouseclick on printer icon
- Print option within QPrint menu

Downloading from Software Informer as the program is discontinued by the developer
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